WePay has broken support for login from Twitter on it support forums

I’m looking for a replacement for PayPal. I’m sorry to say WePay has broken support for Twitter on its support forums, which makes me nervous about how much I can trust it.

Look, I go to the WePay forums:

The post that is relevant to my needs is “Does WePay have an API”:

I need to ask, “Do you have anything like the PayPal MassPay API?” so I click on the “add a comment” link, which takes me to a page where I need to log in:

I’m given the option to use Twitter, so I log in using Twitter:

Which redirects me back to WePay. Please note that I am not logged in, and I get an error that says:

“You do not have access to the page you are trying to access”

Oh, I see. So, I do not have permission to post a comment there? Okay, so, where do I ask a question? Look at the forums again:

There is no obvious place to ask a question. So where can I get support from WePay? These forums are the only online option that I’m given:

Is it a big deal that they’ve been sloppy in the way they’ve implemented their Twitter login? Well, this is my first time interacting with this company, and I have to say, first impressions matter.

Will I run into this kind of sloppiness every time I need to ask them a question?

Is there own API this sloppy?


At the very least, they should offer a more informative error message, and they should remove the “Add a comment”

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link from a page that we (the public) are not allowed to comment on.

Also, they need to capture my Twitter login. Apparently their error message triggers before they’ve examined the ping back from Twitter. Clearly, they need to reverse that – they should first record that I’ve logged in correctly, and then they should offer me the error message that says I’m not allowed to post to some particular page.

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