New features: An overall roadmap

I am currently working a contract job. It consumes all of my time. It lasts till December 16th. After that, I will have almost 2 months that I can devote to TMA full time.

Features I think need to be added:


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Payment options other than PayPal, both for askers, and for experts who wish to withdraw money (Stripe, for paying, and Payooneer for those experts who live in countries that PayPal refuses to deal with).

2.) templates that allow the software to be translated into any language.

3.) chat rooms so that experts can help the askers in real time. The chat rooms should be integrated into the voting process so experts can get voted money for the effort they make in the chat rooms.

4.) An internal messaging system, so people can keep track of their conversations on the site. Less reliance on email.

5.) The ability to pay for questions using your balance, assuming you have a balance on the site.

That is 6 weeks of work right there.

Anything else I should add to the list?

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