The experts should reach an agreement about correct etiquette for voting

An expert just wrote to me and expressed the concern that the asker would forget about the question they had asked. The expert pointed out that they had posted a correct answer. I checked on this and, yes, their answer looks correct (though I can not take the time to check and be absolutely sure).

I wrote this reply:

Dear _____________,

Questions are pending/voting for 2 weeks. That question won’t be moved to the Community Pot until late November. The asker will have a lot of time to vote.

However, yes, it is very common that askers forget to vote. That is why we allow the top experts to vote on all questions.

Once voting begins, the voting is

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open for roughly 36 hours (actually, 2 AM of the day after the day after that voting started, so if voting begins on November 14th, then it closes at 2 AM on November 16th. We have a cron script that runs every night at 2 AM and which closes these questions and awards the money.)

I suggest you start a conversation about this on the website. All of you experts should reach an agreement about correct etiquette for situations like this.

However, I do realize there is one thing I can do to help:

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I can add in an update, to the activity stream on the front page, announcing when a question becomes available for voting. I will do this over the weekend. I will make it more obvious when a question becomes available for voting.

— lawrence

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