Explaining the various payments an expert gets

One of the experts on WP Questions wrote to me and said that they were getting inaccurate payments:

you have send me

11$ (18 april)
3$ (18 april)
3$ (19 april)

I responded:

I can see how this must be very confusing. I will try to explain this. We did just introduce several new features this week, and I have done a poor job of explaining them.

There are 2 different scripts that run each night:

1.) the first shifts funds from the Community Pot to your personal account on WP Questions

2.) the second shifts funds from your personal account on WP Questions to your PayPal account.

The first script will send you fractions of a dollar, whereas the second script will only send whole dollars. So you got one email saying you’d just been paid $3.12, but then you got an email from PayPal saying you’d only been paid $3.00. I can see how that would be confusing. The extra 12 cents were held in your personal account on WP Questions, and will probably be sent to you the next night, when you have more money in your account.

Last night’s payments are shown here:


Your total payments from the Community Pot are shown here:


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