How is an expert’s balance calculated?

On sites like WP Questions, we calculate a user’s current balance by adding up what has been paid to the expert via answers and via the community pot, and then we subtract all withdrawals that they have made:

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/* * 2010-02-18 - a users current balance should be the total of what they've earned in table * payment_outgoing_for_answers minus whatever they've withdrawn, which is shown in table * payment_outgoing_for_user_withdrawl * * 2011-04-15 - also adding in payment_outgoing_for_community_pot, which shows payments to experts from the community pot * */ protected function calculatedAUsersCurrentBalance($userId) { $connection = Propel::getConnection(); $query = " SELECT SUM( amount ) AS total FROM payment_outgoing_for_answers WHERE user_id = $userId "; $statement = $connection->prepare($query); $statement->execute(); $resultset = $statement->fetch(PDO::FETCH_OBJ); $amountUserHasEarned = $resultset->total; $connection = Propel::getConnection(); $query = " SELECT SUM( amount ) AS total FROM payment_outgoing_for_community_pot WHERE user_id = $userId "; $statement = $connection->prepare($query); $statement->execute(); $resultset = $statement->fetch(PDO::FETCH_OBJ); $amountUserHasEarnedFromCommunityPot = $resultset->total; $amountUserHasEarned = $amountUserHasEarned + $amountUserHasEarnedFromCommunityPot; $connection = Propel::getConnection(); $query = " SELECT SUM( amount ) AS total FROM payment_outgoing_for_user_withdrawl WHERE user_id = $userId "; $statement = $connection->prepare($query); $statement->execute(); $resultset = $statement->fetch(PDO::FETCH_OBJ); $amountUserHasWithdrawn = $resultset->total; $usersCurrentCashBalance = $amountUserHasEarned - $amountUserHasWithdrawn; return $usersCurrentCashBalance; }
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