How to get your website to auto-post to Twitter

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Some of you are about to set up web sites just like WP Questions, using our software. You may have noticed that new questions auto-post to Twitter.

Chris Clarke helped set this up, and he sends me this info:

Go to Twitter and log in with whatever account you will be using.

Click “Register a new application ยป”.

For “Application Name” I usually just put the name of the web site.

Fill in the details and click OK. No callback URL is needed.

On the next page, you will want to collect 2 pieces of information. There are 4 codes needed for Twitter. 2 are on the page you’re looking at:

1. Consumer key

2. Consumer secret

Now, click My Access Token on the right. You’ll see:

3. Access Token (oauth_token)

4. Access Token Secret (oauth_token_secret)

Then you will log into your admin panel, which we have set up for you on your website, and you input these 4 pieces of information. That should allow your site to start auto-posting to Twitter, every time there is a new question posted to your site.

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