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WP Questions passes the $7,000 mark

It took 7 months for WP Questions to see $5,000. From there it took 22 days for it to reach the $6,000 mark. From there it took 20 days to reach the next milepost. I am pleased to see WP … Continue reading

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More charts to see the progress of WP Questions

A few more charts are now available, regarding WP Questions. Of these, the most interesting is probably the one shows how much money is given out as prize money each week. I didn’t have time to write the code for … Continue reading

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How does our donation program work for plugin and theme developers?

With the permission of Allan Cole, I’m going to use his themes as an example to talk about our donation program. Some background info: Allan Cole offers themes for WordPress. Allan Cole signed up with WP Questions to receive donations … Continue reading

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