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Stuart Neil quotes my remark that when I’m facing a deadline I do not want to spend 4 hours looking up info on Google, and then he replies:

A good point, and one that has before now been provided for free through forums, however, that information can also be hard and time consuming to acquire, so perhaps Lawrence has hit on to something, that being fast qualified and transferable knowledge, all at an affordable price, maybe, … well, not bad for an emergency, that is.

So far, 279 people have asked 606 questions, and those who asked questions paid out $10,284 to the people who posted answers. The fact that so many of our customers have become repeat customers is probably a good sign that this site gives them good value.

It is also worth considering the kinds of things that people say about on Twitter, for instance, West Coast Design Co says:

Posted a quick #wordpress question to @wpquestions, $4 and ten minutes later my #php issue was solved; .

Caroline Wardrop says:

@lmasseyimages also has web experts where you can pay for their help. I used that once – cost me $10. Best help ever.

Pippin Williamson says:

@wpquestions saves the day

Owen McGab Enaohwo says:

If you are having issues with WordPress and you need answers quick check out for time solutions from experts. I just did

On a more general note, I think it is reasonable to say that behavior on the web has come in waves, punctuated by the recessions. There was the early experimentalism of the 90s, followed by the “social” wave of the 00s, when the web moved into the center of people’s lives, especially the center of their social lives. I think the next wave involves breaking up work into smaller chunks, and this is where a site like WP Questions, which enables micro-consulting, has a large role to play.

But of course, software like ours is suitable to an infinite range of subjects, and that is why we are rolling our software, so that you, too, can have a site like WP Questions. Get on our waiting list if you are interested.

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