What new features would you like?

Please consider this an

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open thread for making suggestions. Post a comment.

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8 Responses to What new features would you like?

  1. Denzel Chia says:


    I have got a few suggestions for new features.

    1) Currently, I believe there is no option for asker to close the thread and ask for refund, if the asker happens to produce his own answer. Please allow asker to suspend or close thread, so that answerer does not waste time answering and only to find out later that asker had his own solution and is refusing to award price money.

    example; http://www.wpquestions.com/question/show/id/914

    2) Currently, there is no status on questions. Some questions simply expired without a winner.
    Please provide a status on the question, such as asker had asked for a refund, or no satisfactory answer given, or asker had figured out his own solution, etc.
    So that we know what happened to the price money after the thread gets expired without a winner.

    3) “What if correct answers are provided but the Asker doesn’t choose a winner?
    The Asker is charged upfront so there is no way to “game the system” by not paying. If a correct answer isn’t chosen within 4 weeks after the contest, WP Questions reserves the right to select a winner.”

    Is it possible to highlight this thread or make it sticky for a while, so that we actually knows WP questions had chosen a winner after the contest expires?

    Sorry, I may sound money minded.
    But these suggestions are aimed at being fair to answerer whom had taken time to research and post a answer. And also to stop Askers from abandoning thread and not awarding price money.

    These small sum of money made by answering questions here is important to people like me, whom are freelancers and did not have a stable income.



  2. Lawrence Krubner says:


    I apologize for being so slow to respond. These are excellent suggestions. I have spent today working on some of your ideas. You will notice that we now have a page that lists all refunds:


    And each question that gets refunded has the text on it that reads: “Note: [name] felt their question was unanswered, so we granted them a refund.”

  3. Lawrence Krubner says:

    I agree we need to do more to make the status of questions clear. I will tonight add a page that shows questions that have expired, but no winner has yet been chosen. We give askers 3 weeks to pick a winner. We reserve the right (as admins of the site) to step in and choose a winner if the asker never does.

  4. Lawrence Krubner says:

    Denzel, about this:

    “Please allow asker to suspend or close thread, so that answerer does not waste time answering and only to find out later that asker had his own solution and is refusing to award price money.”

    We’ve thought about this a lot. The other side of it is, what if askers start gaming the site by posting a question, getting a valid answer, and then marking their own question as unanswered and thus getting a refund? For this reason, we prefer to handle refunds on a case-by-case basis.

  5. Lawrence Krubner says:

    Denzel, about this:

    “And also to stop Askers from abandoning thread and not awarding price money.”

    We, the site admins, reserve the right to choose the winners. And we do this several times a month – step into a thread where the asker got an answer but failed to pick a winner, and then we pick the winner.

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  7. Denzel Chia says:


    Just found out that we can upload a zip file instead of an image in the upload link.

    It will be good to add a label to it, such as “image or zip” beside the upload input box.

    For the download link, it will be good to add “attached image or zip file” as the label.

    For questions that need the whole theme or plugin file or part of the files to work on, it will be good to upload it to wp questions.

    But we should put a warning “please do not upload premium content” beside the upload input, so that asker does not accidentally upload anything that is premium, such as the whole autofocus pro theme.


  8. Lawrence Krubner says:


    For sure, we use the word “image” in a lot of places, where in fact we mean “file”. In fact, we currently allow these mime types:


    We need to change the word “image” to file everywhere.

    My reply to you is somewhat off-topic, but I think it is revealing that you did not know that zips could be uploaded – this is something that will confuse a lot of people. Please feel free to add something to the thread, currently active on wpquestions.com, about things that should be explained to people who are just signing up.

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