How does our donation program work for plugin and theme developers?

With the permission of Allan Cole, I’m going to use his themes as an example to talk about our donation program.

Some background info:

We have software that runs on the 1st of each month and sends out the money, 3% of any question. Today was the first of the month, and our software sent the following email to Allan Cole.

One of our goals is to be good citizens of the open source communities we belong to, and for us, good citizenship entails sharing some of our revenue with the developers, so we offer to donate 25% of our profits whenever we get questions marked with the custom tags related to their projects (plugins, themes, software).

Your project is named: Allan Cole Themes

Custom tags associated with your software: Boumatic, Mixtape, allan cole, autofocus, fthrwght, neutica

Number of questions with these keywords: 7

Total to be donated: 4.29

take care,

the team at WP Questions

These are pure donations on our part, an attempt to help support open source development. Allan Cole doesn’t need to do anything to get this money, but every month we will send him money when we get questions that touch upon his themes.

If you are a developer of open source WordPress themes are plugins, you should register too.

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