Earn $1 for every $20 spent by someone you sign up

A few people have recently asked me if we have an affiliate program. We have written about our affiliate program in the past, but I think it is time to review how it works.

We have an affiliate program that pays 5%, so every time you sign someone up and they spend $20 on questions, you would get $1. Details are on the various affiliate pages on each site:

MySql Emergency

Javascript Questions

Symfony Experts

PHP Emergency

WP Questions

WP Questions was our first site and is the most active. Symfony Experts came later and the other sites are fairly recent.

Once you have signed some people up, you will seem them all listed on your affiliate page (for instance, the affiliate page on WP Questions). Here is a hypothetical example from our dev site, a view of my affiliate page where I have signed up the user nicholia:

We have a script that runs on the 1st of every month and which automatically sends you whatever you’ve earned that month.

Sign up some people, and you can make money off of our sites!

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