What searches bring people to WP Questions?

On WP Questions we get a lot of traffic from search engines. For those of you who are curious, I here list the top 100 searches, first the search phrase, and then the number of times that search was run (during the last 30 days).

while_posts() 108

wp questions 101

elizabeth nguyen wp questions

wpquestions 80

darrin boutote 72

http://www.wpquestions.com/ 52

http://wpquestions.com/ 48

andrzej zglobica 33

wp_nav_menu 33

wordpress questions 27

autofocus pro 25

ie7 header width 22

edit autofocus+ theme 18

wpautop and

effects for nextgen gallery doesn’t work 15

$number_posts 13

autofocus+ 13

facebook like button error 13

wordpress фильтр custom fields 13

wp_http json_encode 13

autofocus pro thumbnail problem 12

upload folder is not writable. export and file upload features will not be functional. 12

do_shortcode 10

show just one category in archives 10

wordpress do_shortcode 10

wp_get_attachment_image_src 10

wpquestion 10

autofocus+ pro 9

get_option 9

show posts from only one category on homepage 9

add custom write panel wordpress 8

autofocus+ theme 8

creat two tiered menu 8

do_shortcode example 8 1

exclude certain categories for yearly archives wordpress

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horizontal navigation with a horizontal second tier 8

superfish jquery fixes for grandchild pages 8

“artur kim” 7

exclude expired posts from loop 7

fatal error: call to undefined function the_post_thumbnail() 7

neutica+ 7

register plus gravity forms wordpress 7

wordpress get_option 7

wordpress upload folder is not writable. export and file upload features will not be functional. 7

wpmu site:wpquestions.com 7

eshop theme 6

ie z-index none 6

jquery tooltip z-index 6

wp catgeory description 6

$wpdb->prefix 5


applying different class to every third post wordpress 5

custom wp_query to search many tags 5

future post query post next days events 5

jquery tooltip ie7 errors 5

list posts in current category 5

nextgen thumbnail border 5

php if post 5

questions 5 1.

wordpress autofocus pro 5

wordpress question 5

wordpress wp pagenavi always shows same posts 5

wp get_option 5

wp-admin blank 5

“gravity forms” “pay to post” 4 3

add_action(‘admin_menu’, ‘create_meta_box’); 4

br class=”spacer_” 4

cms e-commerce pizza 4

custom post type loop 4

do_shortcode not working 4

echo do_shortcode 4

get post attachments 4

incomplete_cat_list 4

jcarousel: no width/height set for items. this will cause an infinite loop. aborting… 4

jquery preloader 4

jquery video slider 4

lightbox youtube 4

pagenavi not working 4

permission requirements to make wp upload file writable 4

php selected current-cat nav 4

sorry, no posts matched your criteria. 4

sql +how to use my own function in a query 4

two tier horizontal list theme 4

wordpress maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded 4

wordpress pizza theme 4

wp-admin blank screen 4

wp-admin white 4

wp-quesions 4

wp_nav_menu add categories 4

wp_nav_menu tutorial 4

wpquestions.com 4

youtube lightbox 4

“custom post type” wordpress pagination 3.0 3

$subcat_posts = get_posts(‘cat=’ . $subcat->cat_id); foreach($subcat_posts as $subcat_post) 3

add custom post types to loop 3

adjust logo autofocus+ pro 3

autofocus + pro 3

autofocus pro help 3

autofocus pro theme 3

autofocus pro wordpress 3

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4 Responses to What searches bring people to WP Questions?

  1. darrinb says:

    LOL, I can’t believe I’m the 5th largest referrer!

  2. Lawrence Krubner says:

    Darrin, yes, I was wondering what that is about? Are you famous?

    I joke, partly. The same thing has happened in previous months, with some of our other top experts. Oleg Butuzov generated many searches, a month or two ago.

  3. darrinb says:

    LOL, no, not famous. Oleg I get, I see him around the WP community everywhere, but me? I have no idea! : )

  4. Oleg Butuzov says:

    hehe… not listed. seams i do good thing stopping work on freelance field before vacation =)

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