Some charts of site activity and money

How many winners per week?

How much money per week?

How many refunds per week?

These are good questions. And we’ve been flying blind for too long.


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have now added some charts to the software. These charts used HTML5 features such as “canvas”, so you need a new browser. There are problems in even the newest versions of Chrome, for reasons I do not know. I’m using FireFox 6.0 and the charts look great.

Looking at these charts you can learn a lot about what is going on in terms of askers, winners and money.

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4 Responses to Some charts of site activity and money

  1. Ozh says:

    Neat! Now for some ajax goodness that will load charts on the same page 🙂

  2. Lawrence Krubner says:

    It would be a lot of database calls if I put all the charts on one page. But I might. I might also add several of the lines to one chart, to make comparison easier.

    I am concerned that the site has failed to grow. Money is down slightly since 6 months ago:

    This is despite that, according to Google analytics, traffic is up more than 50% over the last 6 months.

  3. Ozh says:

    That’s why I was mentioning Ajax calls, to load charts only when a link (eg is clicked. No useless DB call.

  4. Lawrence Krubner says:

    Oh, I see what you mean. And then, by clicking different things, you could add different lines to the same chart? Yes, that is a good idea. I’ll try to get to that in October.

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