A big thank you to Andrzej Zglobica

I’d like to say thank you to Andrzej Zglobica, who donated $12 to Javascript Questions. This was a pure donation to the community, which does a great deal to help the community. His $12 goes into the Community Pot and will be paid out to everyone on the site who has helped answer questions.

I logged into PayPal this morning and was happy to see his name there:

(On a sidenote, I am surprised how often people log into

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to withdraw $1.)

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8 Responses to A big thank you to Andrzej Zglobica

  1. Ozh says:

    Off topic: root page of blog.tailormadeanswers.com links to phpemergency.com which has gone totally unrelated.

  2. Ozh says:

    Almost off topic: regarding your noticing that people log to withdraw just $1: on wpquestions, there seems to be an “auto withdraw whatever the amount is” option activated. Every time I’m receiving something from the community pot or a question, it automatically transfers to my paypal account. Actually I’ve never had a chance to use the “Withdraw” button in my account 🙂

  3. cyberhobo says:

    I’ve also wondered about the many unrequested $1 payments, only I seem to get them only for community pot payments while payments for questions are added to my available balance.

  4. Lawrence Krubner says:

    Hmm, interesting.

    When we started the site, people had to manually withdraw their money. They were only able to earn money in whole (integer) dollar amounts. I think we also made it so they could only withdraw the money in whole dollar amounts. Darren thought in this way we could avoid some visual clutter, by avoiding decimals. We still restrict prize amounts to whole dollars, so the prizes look like $24 and not $24.49. This offers a better design.

    We eventually introduced features that required decimals, including the Community Pot.

    On April 08, 2011, I announced the auto withdraw feature:


    I explained it more here:


    I wrote:

    “an expert can now fill in a Paypal email address on their profile page. If they do so, then they will be sent their monetary balance every night. In other words, whenever they win money, they will be sent the money automatically. (This was popular – already 47 experts have filled in their PayPal addresses.)”

    People were very confused by all the new features we introduced in April, so I wrote “Explaining the various payments an expert gets”:


    But I myself forgot how the software worked. I’m surprised to read this: “The first script will send you fractions of a dollar, whereas the second script will only send whole dollars.” I had been thinking that the second script sent you your whole balance each night.

    Reading over this again helps clarify why there are so many $1 withdrawals. Though now I forget why I enforced whole dollar withdrawals. I’ll have to look into this again.

  5. Lawrence Krubner says:

    Ozh, thanks for the reminder about phpemergency.com.

  6. cyberhobo says:

    I’m guilty of not paying attention – I just filled out that field because it was there. Going back to change it I see the description “(money due to you will be sent to you immediately if you fill this in)” makes it clear enough.

  7. Lawrence Krubner says:

    cyberhobo, thanks. We struggle to come up with text that explains things. I know that too much text causes people to stop reading. I’ve tried to think of ways to reduce the amount of text on that form, but so far I have not had any insights. Perhaps the form needs to be broken into smaller forms.

  8. cyberhobo says:

    Maybe the real issue is that when you’re filling out that form you want to supply a PayPal email, because it makes sense that the site would need it in order to pay you. For me, having a text field for the PayPal email and a separate checkbox to turn on Autopay would have made it clear. I wouldn’t have checked the box, and you could just do nothing with the email in that case.

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