Alessendro’s discourse clarifies their voting

I appreciate the way that Alessendro explains why they vote the way they vote. We would never make this mandatory, but I do think it helps the community, when these things are explained.

About WordPress NextGen (Search engine Plugin) Image Links donĀ“t open Alessendro wrote:

Asker did not award the expert after his reply to him, saying that his answer works. Obviously asker does not know the system well.

About Need Suggestion Alessendro wrote:

Asker looking for suggestions. It is only fair for him to award price money after suggestions are made irregardless whether they are useful to him.

About Custom fields clear entries after 2nd time editing:

Denzel provided the correct answer on his second amendment. The correct WordPress “way” is to use update_post_meta, as it will replace old value with new. There is no need to return post id after making post meta update, as it is redundant.

About Excerpt Issue – linkage:

Denzel deserve some price money for pointing them towards the correct direction, which is highlighting that the changes should be made within the page template and not filtering in functions.php

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