A new way to educate clients about how much WordPress work should cost

Yesterday we wrote about our new page, that shows how much askers have offered for questions/work in the past, and how much the experts thought that work should be valued at. Today we added this information directly to the form that the askers fill out when they first create a question.

Askers have often asked us for guidance about how much to pay, and now we are giving them the feedback of the experts, right on the page where they specify how

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much they will pay. We believe this will benefit everyone, and reduce the miscommunication between the askers and the experts who answer.

I’ve also decided that we need for the price suggestions to be serious, so, as with other things on the site, I’ve decided to restrict this (the ability to suggest what the prize should be) to the voters of the site (the voters are the top all time experts and the top monthly experts).

Here is what the form now looks like, where askers specify the prize they will pay:

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