The priority list for new features

We are running our beta program (alpha?) till at least February 1st. At that point, I am hopeful to open to the public.

People keep sending us idea for new features. Some of these ideas are very good, but most will have to wait till after February 1st.

As I see it, there are 4 features we need that are really crucial to have before February 1st:

1.) Automated Setup – right now I set up each site by hand.

2.) Support for Moneybookers – several people are in countries that are not served by PayPal, so we need to implement support for Moneybookers, which covers more countries than does PayPal.

3.) Custom templates – several of our customers want to translate the site into other languages. We also want to enable people to redo the HTML so they can achieve a high level of customization.


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has a 8.3% refund rate. Your site will also have some refunds. The refund process needs to be automated.

Other ideas, such as more payment options, more email controls, control of DNS, etc, are good, but will have to wait.

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