Google searches that bring people to WP Questions

Every day Google sends us (WP Questions) a few hundred people who are searching for some WordPress thing. Yesterday we got 486 visits due to Google. I thought it would be fun to share the 486 searches:

navigation like mashable wordpress

wordpress query posts by custom taxonomy

dynamic archives

is query for custom post

subcategories wp-e commerce

wp questions


lightbox video youtube

wpautop tinymce

add uploader to theme options

autofocus pro

call to undefined function thematic_before_widget()

calling a jquery plugin with enqueue

featured image hover wordpress

lawrence krubner twitter

lightbox youtube

load posts without reload ajax

mimbo register sidebar function

page navigation wp

pagenavi not working

php echo shortcode

tanzaku theme

the_content remove p

upload folder is not writable. export and file upload features will not be functional.

vt_resize in wordpress


wordpress custom background per page

wordpress questions

wordpress theme without reloading page

wordrpess redirect to subcategory

wp 3.0 remove jquery

wp featured image


wp_list_pages menu depth “<div id=”menu”>”

“autofocus+ pro”

“icl_set_current_language” +wpml

“manage_options” theme function

“rewriterule ^wp-signup\.php” blank

“top 5 mashable list” code

$curauth->description limit

$my_query->the_post(); ?>

$q[‘post_type’] = ‘post’;

$titlenamer = get_the_title($post->post_parent);

(get_query_var(‘paged’)) ? get_query_var(‘paged’):1;

2 tier menu

2 tiered sub nav for wordpress custom menu

<?php $key=”thumbnail”; echo get_post_meta($post->id, $key, true); ?>

<?php $thumb = get_post_meta($post->id, « thumbnail », true) if ($thumb != « ») echo « <img src=’$thumb’ border=’0′ width=’100′ height=’100′> »; ?>

<?php _e( ‘categories’, ‘twentyten’ ); ?>

<?php echo $this->meta; ?>”/>

<?php echo home_url( ‘/’ ); ?>

<?php wp_list_pages( $args ); ?> child_of

[largeimage] post autofocus+ pro

add color autofocus theme

add image to thematic_belowheader

add input field before the rich text editor wordpress

adding thumbnails to rss

adding tinymce editor to custom meta box


ajax tutorial link in same page without reload

and $wpdb->terms.slug =

animated gif header format

animated wp themes

attribute_escape(__(‘select month’))

autofocus plus

autofocus post class div

autofocus pro show featured post

autofocus pro theme not generating thumbnails

autofocus pro theme tweak

autofocus theme

autofocus theme vimeo

autofocus wordpress video into post

autofocus+ 1.2

autofocus+ bug

autofocus+ guide

autofocus+ image hover

autofocus+ increase header height

autofocus+ not generating thumbnails

autofocus+ wp questions menu

background image z-index ie7

background:url alt

backupbuddy multisite network to single

blank wp-admin rename plugins folder

block <a href=”<?php echo get_option(‘home’); ?>/”>home</a>

blockquote hover

body page in wp

building a wordpress 3.01 cms site

bulk add categories

cant import sql into myphpadmin

category pagination, page not found

category thumbnail in php

change background in wordpress per page

change image size on main page autofocus pro

change param movie dynamicly js

change video width

change wp button style

child theme functions.php

classipress child theme

content page to front with php in wp

could not be found when i try open a page in wp

create custom page for news category thematic

creating autofocus + child

creating posts news thematic on a separate page

css jumps at page load

current category in php

custom field template text editor not visible

custom post type archive

custom post type meta fields

custom post types post_date

custom posts type and the_content(”,true,”) show preview

custom taxonomy permalink

custom wp query to get result from custom table wordpress

custom write panel page

custom write panels

customizing meta wp backend

define wp direct

define(‘force_ssl_login’, true); in 3.0

designated category codes

display footer in ie

display image for each category

display last post in category wp

display posts from a category and paginate

div id=”s1″ class=”pics”> ul li a:active



does ie7 supports tooltip

does mysql server have to be on same server as wordpress

dsq thread_id not generating

echo category number count current category

edit “custom post type” “posts_per_page”

embed video width

eshop theme

example wordpress combine page categories navigation

exclude custom post type fro categories

facebook like button error

fatal error maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded wp-includes functions.php line 722

fatal error: call to undefined function thematic_before_widget

feedburner show images

filter by page id wp

filter two category on wordpress archive.php

filter wordpress the_content append

flash usa locator map not showing up

form action page not found wordpress

full + wp_get_attachment_image_src($

function change video

function to add custom field in wp


get current category on archive in wp

get post attachment

get posts order by meta value wp

get the post attachment




get_post_meta multiply

get_posts has_post_thumbnail

get_query_var always 0

get_query_var post per page


get_the_image size

global wpdb not working with ajax


header linked to main page wp

headerbackground verlinken

hide url wordpress mod_rewrite

how can i give header & footer in php

how do i send my word document to an email address

how to add images from posts in feedburner

how to add tinymce editor in form using wordpress

how to call comment like and responce with php

how to change the oulipo theme, the css for the header image size are found

how to create blog template autofocus+

how to decrease word limit, the_excerpt function

how to display disqus comment link on wordpress main page

how to exclude pages from pagination wordpress

how to fix z-index on the li hover

how to make a div with a background image be a link

how to set movie height in youtube embed

how to show custom post type in pagination

how to stop p tag in php

how to tweak my autofocus wordpress theme



ie 7 li hover index

ie 7 position:absolute z-index

ie z-index background bug

ie7 z-index fix tooltip

if post has content else

if post php

if(is_feed()) {$content = preg_replace(‘/\[rss\](.*?)\[\/rss\]/’,’$1′,$content);

image thumbnail by categories in php

imbalance sidebar

imbalance theme

imbalance theme instructions

imbalance wp theme

include wp_nav_menu show only sub items

inner join with exec

insert horizontal menu no children wp

javascript conflicts with external file and inline

jcarousel: no width/height set for items. this will cause an infinite loop. aborting in wordpress

jimish gamit

jquery combine 2 window load

jquery conflict in attached jquery file

jquery ie7 problem tooltip zindex

jquery image header fader

jquery prettyphoto inline error

jquery scrollto delay

light box tith inline js

lightbox with youtube

list custom posts

load php function without reloading

lost post_type in paging + wordpress

mailchimp widget wordpress language

make header text transparent


manage_posts_custom_column not working

menu like mashable

migrating wordpress multisite

more tag not working

more than one loop pagenavi

multiple image upload in theme option

multiple sharethis buttons same page

multiple wp_tiny_mce

my wp-admin screen is blank

netsuite and cgi

netsuite integrate contact form

new wp_query unset

next image php

next-gen gallery php implementation wp

nextgen gallery can’t add galleries to albums

nextgen gallery option to open the image in a new page.

not logged in message

notice: undefined index: page in

or (post_content like ‘{$n}{$term}{$n}’))”

page navi counts all post in category page

page navi not working in homepage

page preloader jquery

pagenavi not working on pages

pagination in list wordpress

pagination wordpress not found

php echo custom taxonomy

php echo get style

php explode php_eol

php image links within a loop problem

php post get css

php undefined index how to fix isset

php-xml php 5.3.3

post and meta wp_query


preg_replace add wmode=transparent

preg_replace php remove duplicate slashes

prettyphoto shortcodes

protheme and issues related in fertility

query posts from one category in page template thematic

query_posts term_id

query_posts( category monthly archive

register plus redux with avator

register_taxonomy custom post type

remove featured post from autofocus

remove p tags wordpress

remove thematic index loop

remove_filter( ‘pre_term_description’, ‘wp_filter_kses’ )

removing newer older posts wp

replace get_avatar user photo

return image in a feed

shadowbox arrows

show a sliding featured content area? autofocus pro

show all posts in custom type

show content page in wp

show message to logged on users wp

show message to logged users

show post of a certain category wp

show posts from category only wp

show thumbnail image in rss

show video autofocus+



single php if category

sort by custom fields

sticky query, pagination wordpress in category.php

stop tiny mce spacer

style metabox

submenu in wordpress 3.0

submit thank you redirect

tanzaku theme change grid

taxonomy template not working

taxonomy template paging wordpress 404

text is not floating


thematic_post_class p1

theme options page textarea

theme options values

thesis meta boxes

thumbnail in rss feed

ul left margin problem in ie

usa_locator.swf https

use image as h1 tag header

vote now voting system jquery

want to divide loop data in 2 column +php

what is pagenavi

while (have_posts()) : the_post(); block

why png not can’t display in wp

wordpress + “upload folder is not writable”

wordpress +remove ?ver=3.0.1

wordpress add multiple rich text editor on plugin

wordpress advance rewrite

wordpress ajax sorting

wordpress ajaxify plugin for open page without reload

wordpress autofocus how can i change the arrow key

wordpress custom post permalink 404

wordpress custom rewrite id=

wordpress custom taxonomy paging permalink 404

wordpress disqus how to show number of comments

wordpress download monitor do_shortcode not working

wordpress dynamic_sidebar insert

wordpress e commerce themes for pizza

wordpress excerpt special characters html entities

wordpress home page comes up blank

wordpress if ( in_category

wordpress images pointing to wrong uploads folder

wordpress javascript plugin +enqueue

wordpress jquery.js 1.4.2

wordpress min-height 100%

wordpress multi site new site default permalink structure

wordpress multiple rich editors

wordpress multisite localhost

wordpress only one multisite per hosting account

wordpress plugin jquery-ui 1.8

wordpress plugin page add tinymce

wordpress plugin pizza order

wordpress plugin to show pages created by a particular user

wordpress single url without category

wordpress sort by custom field

wordpress str_replace get_post_meta

wordpress strip p tags

wordpress stripping p tags

wordpress tdo miniform fix textarea

wordpress thinthumb permissons

wordpress uploads folder not writable

wordpress visual editor p tags

wordpress wp_query order id

wordpress, wp_list_pages, list parent even if on a subpage blog template not working

wp $wp_query->page name;

wp – comment fields doesn’t show

wp ajax posts

wp attachments

wp banner box

wp category child title

wp category get if children

wp coment in homepage

wp comment_form

wp custom fields search exclude categories

wp custom query pagination

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wp custom search plugin

wp display query

wp do_shortcode not working

wp echo data in post

wp ecommerce links conatin subcategory

wp gallery customizable

wp gallery id

wp get attachment title

wp get list children page

wp get page_content

wp get post current category

wp get posts by custom term

wp get taxonomy id

wp get_posts multiple

wp home page not here

wp insert term parent not showing up

wp just show single post in special category

wp list values

wp login

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wp loop add class=”last”

wp mailchimp widget

wp menu title attribute

wp multisite user login

wp navi image gallery plugin

wp navi post per page

wp next page

wp nextgen id code

wp order custom fields

wp page numbers 404

wp plugin with datepicker

wp post order by number

wp posts not

wp query_posts returns

wp questons

wp read more tag not working

wp shortcode output

wp show content

wp show last modified date

wp single category

wp the_permalink false

wp theme featured post

wp theme white screen

wp video slider

wp view post by id

wp write panels

wp-admin redirect post_type=page

wp-archives exclude category

wp-prettyphoto gallery display inline

wp-testimonials how to edit css

wp_enqueue_script adding version number


wp_list_pages output as treeview style in wordpress

wp_nav_menu css

wp_nav_menu description

wp_nav_menu div around sublevel

wp_nav_menu give anchor class

wp_nav_menu walkers

wp_nav_menu with dropdown sub pages

wp_pagenavi with taxonomy

wp_query has_post_thumbnail else

wp_query order by custom value

wp_query order_by

wp_query orderby multi

wp_query query the_post have_posts id

wpml last post redirect

your backup folder might be visible to the public

zenko magazine images

autofocus theme pro download

autofocus wordpress theme not generating thumbnails

autofocus+ no thumbnails on front page

autofocus+ pro help

autofocus+ pro image hover text

autofocus+ wordpress

edit “custom post type” “add_filter” “posts_per_page”

which version of arras theme work with pagenavi

wp get list page children

wp pagenavi counts all post

wp pagenavi taxonomy

wp sort custom fields

wp sort custom fields plugin

Hey, whoever did the search for “lawrence krubner twitter”, this is my spot on Twitter, which I will use more as soon as I reconnect my blog to my Twitter account:

Also, I just want to say, I will forever be baffled by people who search for things like “”.

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  1. Hi Lawrence, is a site we just built for a client! Might have made a slight mistake with a reply that included the actually domain, anyways interesting none the less.

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