What does this spam do?

I am curious about some of the spam we get. Someone just went to WP Questions and used the contact form to send us this spam:

ZVe3hZ bbzrkempptio, [url=http://zlosqdb zbpkx.com/]zlosqdbzbpkx[/url], [link=http://uxgsmvfnxt mv.com/]uxgsmvfnxtmv[/link], http://ssgzlhw upsnk.com/

We get 5 or 6 of these a week. Someone actually took the time to fill in the captcha and send this? The other possibility is a script pings our contact form and randomly guesses the number for the captcha, and once in a while guesses correctly.

As near as I can tell, none of the URLs point to actual websites. Does anyone know what the goal is, with spam like this?

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  1. Oren Yomtov says:

    I also get these messages as comments from time to time.

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