Investigating alternatives to PayPal

Some of you would like to use our software in Russia. Sadly, we just found out PayPal will not allow this. So we are

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looking for alternatives.

I need 2 things in a payment processor:

1.) They operate in Russia.

2.) They have an API through which we can automate sales and allow the automated withdrawal of money.

Companies I’m trying to gather data about:


Money Bookers


Amazon Payments

Also, this article was interesting.

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4 Responses to Investigating alternatives to PayPal

  1. Lawrence Krubner says:

    My sense is that Moneybookers offers everything we need. They just sent me this email in response to my questions:

    Dear Sir,

    Thank you very much for your email and interest in Moneybookers.

    With regards to your specific queries, please see our comments below:

    -Do you have an API that would send a notification to a URL of my choice, every time I get a payment?

    On integrating our merchant gateway within your website, you will be able to specify a specific status URL of your choice to which the transaction details will be posted after the payment process is complete.

    Alternatively, you may specify an email address to which you would like to receive the results.

    – Do you have an API like PayPal’s MassPay, that allows for the automated sending of payments?

    -Yes, we have a mass payment capability.Please check theb FAQ section within our website and API manual which is available at the following link:

    – Do you offer service in Russia?

    Our services are fully available in Russia.

    Furthermore, please be kindly informed that we can offer you a payment solution which can be easily integrated on your website and which would allow you to accept instant debit and credit card payments from your customers worldwide.

    Your customers will be also able to use their existing Moneybookers accounts in order to send email payments to you.

    Please feel free to go on our website, register an account with us and provide us with its customer ID.

    The Moneybookers system allows two different account types to be registered:

    – Personal account – this is available to end customers and businesses that are not legally

    – Business account – this is available to all merchants that have a legally registered businesses

    Please note that in order to enable all merchant capabilities and payment options for your newly registered account (regardless of the fact whether being a personal or a business account), it needs to be verified and granted with a so-called merchant status.

    To become a fully verified merchant with Moneybookers, your website must be fully operational and needs to have a clear :

    -Terms and conditions
    -Privacy and return policy
    -Contact details section with a physical address and a telephone number.

    Once your account is verified and granted with a merchant status, we will be applying the our commercial fees which depend on the country of residence of the merchant. Please advise on your country of residence so that we can provide you with detailed information with regards to our fees.

    Would you please also provide the links to the above mentioned statements on your website and a brief description of your business activities (services offered) for which you plan to accept and/or send payments via Moneybookers, so that we can assist you further?

    In the meantime, you could check the information with regards to our merchant services which is available at the following link:

    Full information with regards to the integration process is avaialable at the following link:

    We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

    Best Regards,

    Moneybookers Merchant Services

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  3. sebastien says:

    Hello Lawrence,
    I’ve already contacted 4 times via the form of wp-questions, via the chat of wp-question, and I’ve sent an email to your personal email and personal email of Darren, but I still have no answer.
    I paid for a question (9.86$) but it was never published on the site.
    I no longer need the answer, so thank you for returning my money.

    Why my question has not been published?

    Thank you


  4. Lawrence Krubner says:


    As near as I can tell, PayPal never pinged our servers. Normally when a payment goes through PayPal, an automated ping is sent from PayPal to our servers, and the code on our servers then activates the question that you posted. However, sometimes communication between PayPal and our servers breaks down. I am very sorry about that.

    We have now refunded your payment.

    —- lawrence

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