Job Post: Ruby on Rails developer needed

This job post is from Andy Ku:

If you are a Ruby on Rails all-star and want the opportunity to join as a founding member of a social commerce start-up, we want to talk!

We are a social commerce company that empowers people to start online

But we are more than just a start-up. We are a Kingdom Business. We are a
group of techies (Google) and business guys (Stanford and Harvard MBAs) who believe that our Christian faith and work should be completely integrated.
Through business, we want to serve God and others, knowing that there is One
greater than us, that others go before us, and that there is a purpose
larger than us.

As a social commerce company, we see an opportunity to reshape eCommerce. As a Kingdom Business, we hope to reshape what it means to be entrepreneurs. We’d love to work with you to redefine both.


* An all-star engineer. You will be the technical lead, responsible for
building out the core architecture

* Desire to start in on the ground floor of an envelope-pushing company

* Chemistry. We love starting stuff and technology. So do you? Let’s mix.

Send bio and something cool about yourself to ahku(at)

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