WP Questions is one month old

Today, WP Questions is 1 month old. We’d like to say a big thanks to everyone who has written to us with feedback and to everyone who have reported bugs. We also like to say a big thanks to the many people who have asked quesitons, and a big thanks to those who have offered answers.

So far $689 has been paid out to the people who’ve answered questions. I feel that our site is a true partnership – our customers only think we are as good as the experts who answer their questions. And so, a very big thanks to the 20 individuals who have so far posted winning answers. Here they are:

avatar Utkarsh Kukreti$135 earned

avatar Darfuria$106 earned

avatar Japh $85 earned

avatar Brandon Dove$44 earned

avatar Oliver Schlöbe$40 earned

avatar Tim Holt$40 earned

avatar Max $40 earned

avatar Brian Richards$33 earned

avatar Justin Tadlock$25 earned

avatar Ron Rennick$22 earned

avatar James Tryon$20 earned

avatar Gilbert Pellegrom$20 earned

avatar Michael Fields$20 earned

avatar transom$19 earned

avatar Meredith Marsh$15 earned

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avatar Ben $5 earned

avatar scribu$5 earned

avatar Cristian Antohe$5 earned

avatar Rebecca M$5 earned

avatar Tony Geer$5 earned

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