The end of an experimental week

I’ve been working full time on the software for the last 9 days. I’ve been working 12 hours a day, and I got a lot done. I’ve rolled out many of the changes to WP Questions. Some of these changes are meant as experiments, some are meant to stay.

Among the highlights:

1.) an expert can now fill in a Paypal email address on their profile page. If they do so, then they will be sent their monetary balance every night. In other words, whenever they win money, they will be sent the money automatically. (This was popular – already 47 experts have filled in their PayPal addresses.)

2.) every night the experts get a payment from the Community Pot.

3.) For those of you who asked about advertising, you can now become a Community Supporter.

4.) Uncontested refunds are now automated. If you ask a question, and you do not get an answer, you can ask for a refund. If no one disagrees with the refund, the money goes back to you within a day.

5.) Prize money is now distributed based on a vote of the community.

I am going to be busy

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for the next few weeks, but I look forward to seeing how the community reacts to these changes. I will revisit all of these changes in June, and I will make further changes based on what feedback I get.

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