WPQuestions Seeks Partnerships with Theme and Plugin Developers

We’re about to launch two new programs that would earn revenue for WordPress developers while increasing visibility and improving support for their projects. The ideal participants are developers who release their own free themes and plugins, but don’t have time to support them fully.

There would be two basic levels of engagement.

Option I: The Simple Fundraiser

This program would donate 25% gross profit to developers each time a question pertaining to their theme/plugin is posted to WPQuestions. The developer would simply need to contact us and provide a few keywords (ex: “Mimbo theme”) and a PayPal address. Payments would be sent at month’s end with no further participation required from

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the developer—it’s simply a donation.

This option is meant to…

  • Benefit the developers and community. WPQuestions wants to boost awareness of the best and most cutting-edge themes and plugins so that developers can profit more from their work. Plenty of developers answer questions for free, but we’d like to see them get both recognition and revenue so those projects stay part of the WP ecosystem longer and still feel worth the developer’s time.
  • Build relationships. We want to learn more about what WP developers need. Some have expressed interest in a referral system for projects involving their themes/plugins. Using Mimbo as an example, there are 170,000 active users, many who’ve built Mimbo-based sites for years and could be considered an expert. Since I personally have no time to build Mimbo-based sites for clients, I would love to keep track of “Mimbo Experts” who establish themselves at WPQ. Experts can also use their WPQ successes as proof-of-experience when soliciting clients.

Option II: The Featured Affiliate

This program would donate 100% gross profit to developers each time a question pertaining to their theme/plugin is posted to WPQuestions. The developers would be asked to include a graphic on their site suggesting WPQ to users in need of urgent answers, in addition to emailing us their keywords and a PayPal address. We would also encourage these developers to blog and tweet about WPQ for our mutual benefit.

This option is meant to…

  • Increase site activity and reciprocal traffic. We hope that more affiliate partnerships will lead to more questions posted and more enthusiasm from developers, which will lead to more success for Experts who wish to build their reputations as consultants.
  • Solve unanswered questions. In an ideal world, all WP-related questions deserve an answer, whether it’s for free at the developer’s own forum or for money by an Expert at WPQ. We hope a simple graphic like what’s at the Darren Hoyt Dot Com forums will encourage users to choose the latter when necessary….


    …especially if the question is particularly urgent or complex enough. The more options available to users in need, the better.

Get Involved!

If either of the two programs above sound like they would benefit you as a developer, drop us an email and let us know. Feel free to ask questions or make suggestions below.

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6 Responses to WPQuestions Seeks Partnerships with Theme and Plugin Developers

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  2. Ben Cook says:

    Would it need to be a full theme or would skins work as well? For example, I’ve released a few Thesis skins for free…

    This certainly looks like an interesting idea & I think would be a win/win. Very original!

  3. Darren says:

    Sure thing, Ben, skins would work so long as they have specific names and identities that could be tracked via keywords.

  4. I’m interested for my hRecipe plugin.

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