Minor bug fixes

We are rolling out some minor bug fixes and some tweaks to the interface. Among other things, when askers are picking winners, they will now be reminded that they can divide the prize money:

(The image is from our dev site, whose database was last updated from the live site in mid-February.)

Since, often, multiple people contribute to an answer,

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we think it is in important to remind askers that they can divide the prize money.

There was also a bug whereby askers were “reminded” to pick a winner even on questions where they’d already picked a winner – we think this is now fixed.

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6 Responses to Minor bug fixes

  1. Erez S says:

    What a old picture 😛
    This was 80$ question I have won 🙂

  2. lawrence says:

    Erez, I know what you mean. It is interesting to see how much the stats have changed since February 15th (which was the last time I ported the live site data to the dev site).

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  5. Cor van Noorloos says:


    Not entirely sure if this would be the best place to ask, but would it be possible to forward http://www.wpquestions.com to wpquestions.com, or the other way around?
    I keep having to log in again, when choosing a different entry.

    Best regards,


  6. Lawrence Krubner says:

    Cor van Noorloos,

    Thank you. I am aware of that problem. It drives me crazy too. I hope to clean up that portion of the code very soon.

    — lawrence

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