A Hosted Version of the WPQ Software

Over the last 2 months we’ve had a dozen people contact us about licensing the custom software that runs our various question-and-answer websites (WPQuestions, SymfonyExperts and upcoming JavascriptQuestions). We are considering several possible models, but have not yet reached any final decisions.

Right now what we’re considering is a hosted solution, a little bit like Basecamp or WordPress.com, but living at your own domain name.

Some features we could offer:

  1. The site could exist at your own domain. It would live on our server, but to the outside world, it would appear to be your site.
  2. You would use your own PayPal account (in the future perhaps we’d enable other payment methods)
  3. Your site’s questions could be sync’d with a Twitter account you set up.
  4. Customization would be limited to changing the header, footer and
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    some images. You wouldn’t be able to change any of the forms, since that would entail supporting multiple versions of the code.

  5. There would be a monthly subscription fee, plus
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    a percentage of whatever you take in. You could set your own fees, on top of the question amounts.

  6. You could set your own minimum fee for posting new questions.
  7. Easy advertising implementation in the sidebar.

We’d like to open the discussion to existing users of WPQ and see if it sparks and ideas and interest. Let us know what you think!

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