How to Ask a Question on WP Questions

For new users, we wanted to put up a brief tutorial on the process of asking a new question and making payment arrangements through PayPal.

In Step 1, you are prompted for a Question Title (65 characters or less) and Extended Explanation:

wpq_step1b copy

Our aim is to create a market for WordPress help, so that you can ask your WordPress questions and get fast, expert information. Please explain your problem with enough detail that the Experts can answer accurately. If you’ve forgotten a crucial detail, you can

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always edit your question later.

In Step 2, you can add optional tags or upload a screenshot:

wpq_step2 copy

The tags help our Experts determine if your question is in their area of expertise. The image-upload is useful to show Experts, visually, what kind of problem you’re having.

In Step 3, you can set the dollar amount for your question.

wpq_step3 copy

As a ballpark estimate, many

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Experts will want at least $1 for each minute they work. For the example question above, I think my problem might take 30 minutes for someone to figure out, so I offer $30 as a prize. (I’m actually re-posting an old question that Darren has already asked.)

In Step 4, you’ll see a summary of your question and the overall charges. Our fees are 9% of the prize that you’ve offered, plus 50 cents. This on top of the prize you are offering, so a prize of $30 leads to a total cost of $33.20.

wpq_step4 copy

Click the “Pay” button and you’ll be taken to PayPal to pay:

wpq_step_paypal copy

Once you’ve paid on PayPal, you are redirected back to our site.

wpq_step_return_from_paypal copy

But wait, is the question showing up? We rely on PayPal to ping our servers and say “This transaction was good”. This takes several seconds, and sometimes you will return to our site before PayPal has pinged our servers. Just wait a few seconds, and then hit refresh. Now you will see that your question is active:

wpq_step_final copy

As soon as your question goes live, we update our RSS feeds and we

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also post a link on Twitter, instantly notifying the many people who might be able to help you.

Once you’ve gotten some good answers, you will want to choose a winner. See the previous tutorial to understand how to assign the prize money to the experts who’ve answered your question.

Get started and ask your WordPress question now!

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