New Feature: Email Updates

To make WPQuestions more time-sensitive, we’ve added a few email update features. Askers will now receive emails whenever:

  1. Answers are given. As soon as new answers are posted, the Asker will receive email updates that say:

    [Username] has posted a possible answer. They wrote: [Answer]

  2. Answers are edited. As mentioned previously, Experts can now change their answer when necessary. Askers receive this update via email as a safeguard against potential abuse of the site. This means Experts cannot fudge their answer based on someone else’s response without the Asker finding out about it:

    You asked ‘[Question]’. [Username] previously posted an answer but has decided to change their answer. This is the new version of their answer: [Answer]

  3. Questions expire. If an Asker forgets to select a best answer, or feels there is no best answer, the contest will expire after three days and they will receive this email:

    This question has now expired. We need for you to log in and chose which answer, or answers, deserves the prize money. If you do not make a choice by [Date] we will chose the winners. If you feel that none of the offered solutions actually answered your question, then please contact us.

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