Post big jobs for $1

Recently we had someone post a job for $99. Then they waited for 3 weeks. The money went into the Community Pot and was paid out to all of the experts on the site. Then they wrote to us and said that they’d hired someone through our site and the work was now done and so they now wanted to pay them the $99, and, hey, where did the $99 go?

The money had already been paid out to all the experts on the site.

In this case, we sent this customer $99, out of our own pocket. They were a new customer, and we understood that they had no idea how the site worked. However, we can not do this again. We lost $99 on this customer.

Sometimes people use WP Questions as a jobs board. That is okay, so long as you understand how WP Questions work. It is set up for questions that can be answered in an hour, it is not set up for work that will take a few weeks.

If you simply want to advertise that you have a job and need to hire someone, we suggest you post the job for $1, and explain that you’ll negotiate the real price in private.

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