Are these sites linking to us?

We have a chart that shows new user signups by week. As you can see, the rate of signups was flat for a long while, and then suddenly spiked:

I was curious about the spike, so I examined the email addresses of the new users, to see if I could spot a trend. I realized that almost all of the new users had email addresses of this type:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Almost all of the new users come from these 3 domains, so I looked up these sites:

The sites are in Chinese, so I can not read them. I do wonder what they are about. Are they well known Chinese portals, like Yahoo? Are they spam sites? I notice that has a lot of broken links, which made me wonder if it was a spam site.

Anyway, I’m curious if someone with an email address at one of these portals found out about WP Questions and then shared the site with their friends?

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