How to post your own pages to your site

By now, those of you on our waiting list either have your own websites, or you will have them as soon as you tell us what domain name you are using for this site.

You have FTP access to the folder containing the css and the images, so you can change those freely. However, you have no easy way to create pages for your site – for security, the html or php files that you upload to your directory will not work, or show.

You need to add your own FAQ, your own Terms Of Use, your own Privacy Policy. How do you do this?

First, log into the admin section of your site. You will see a link for “pages”:

This brings up a form where you can type HTML:

Once you’ve created the HTML, the form will show you the link to your page:

You can then edit your global template to add in links to your new page.

Once again, we apologize that the interface is so primitive. We are working on that, and you should see rapid improvements during the next few weeks.

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