Setting up your new site (PayPal info)

We are rolling out the first few sites. I have emailed a password to some of you. This should give you FTP access to your site. Once you have FTP access, you can log in and change images and css.

I remind you, this is a beta product and, for now, the interface on the backend is very primitive.

Create a normal user account on the server and I will upgrade to “admin”.

This first email for your user account will end up in your spam folder, so check there.

I will upgrade your user account to “admin”. Then you can go here:


I mean, at the top of your site, go to that file. You will see a page like this:

You see the link “Site info (email, PayPal, etc)”. This is the most important link. You must fill out that form, before you site will really come to life. That is where you will put in your contact email, and also your PayPal info.

You will need API credentials from PayPal. To get them, Log into PayPal and click the “Profile” link:

On the left, click “My Selling Tools”.

Do you see “API access”? Over on the right is an “update” link. Click that.

Now you should be here:

Click Option 2, on the right.

On the next page, you will need to copy this information:

API Username

API Password


Copy all of these over to the “Site Info” page at /admin.php.

When you’ve filled in all this info, your site should be ready to go.

About the amounts that you charge:

“Price to charge, percentage (example: .09)”

If you put in .09 then you are charging 9%. On a question with a prize of $10, this means you are adding 90 cents. Right now on we charge

12%, meaning we have .12 in this field.

“Price to charge, flat rate (example: .50)”

This is the flat rate. 50 cents. Right now on we have “.90” meaning 90 cents.

So, on we charge 12% plus 90 cents. So when someone asks a question with a prize of $10, we charge an extra $2.10. So the customer pays $12.10 when posting such a question.

Remember that PayPal will take 30 cents plus 2.9% of the total, and then PayPal takes another 2% when experts withdraw money, and we take 2% of whatever prize money comes in.

My PayPal username for the API looks like this:

Yours will be different.

I believe the PayPal URL for the API is always:

Start with this. If it does not work, then we will figure out what URL you need to use.

If you have questions that are not strictly private, please post them in the comments.

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