How to Assign Prize Money to Experts

To address some recent questions about how WPQuestions works, we’ve written the first of a few tutorials. Below, we demonstrate what happens after you, the Asker, has logged in and asked a question.

Here is your sample question:

wpq_pick_a_winner_question_show copy

As the Asker, you will see this button next to each answer (login required):


It doesn’t matter who you chose as the winner, since you get to change your mind on the next screen. You’ll get the option of giving all the money to one Expert, or you can divide the money among multiple Experts:


If you click the option to “Divide the prize money amongst multiple Experts“, the form will expand to reveal every answer that has been posted. Use the dropdown boxes to divide the prize money accordingly:


The money you award to the Experts needs to equal the prize money you’ve paid for this question. Otherwise you get an error message like this:

wpq_pick_a_winner_money_doesn't_equal_prize copy

When the money has been portioned out accurately, the money will be sent and you’ll see this message:

wpq_pick_a_winner_money_sent copy

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