An important new policy: we cannot arbitrate challenged refunds for work done offsite

If an expert does work offsite, then we can not arbitrate any dispute. Denzel Chia challenged a refund request, and he argued that he had done good work off the site, via email with the client. I’m sorry to say, I had to create this policy to deal with this, and all future, challenges:

This is a tough issue, mostly because the work being referenced happened off of WP Questions. I have no way to verify the work that Denzel Chia may have done,

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as it is not on this site.

I know that Denzel Chia is very talented. I know that he works very hard for his clients. I know that he shows great craftsmanship in his work.

Many experts meet new clients via WP Questions. I think that is great. If an expert on this site wants to make contact with an asker, and if they then wish to move the work off of WP Questions, I think that is great too. That is part of the benefit that this site offers to experts — a place to start a commercial relationship that grows into something long-term.

However, once the work leaves this site, I can no longer offer any kind of protection for the experts. If an expert decides to do work off of WP Questions, then that work no longer involves WP Questions. Any disputes arising in the relationship are, at that point, between the expert and their client. If the work (the code, the advice, the answer, etc) is not posted on WP Questions, then I have no way to evaluate it, and I have no way to take a stand for the expert.

Therefore I’m going to have to side with the asker on this one, and grant a full refund.

I am grateful to Denzel Chia for accepting this decision with good grace:

Thank you for creating this site and letting me meet more potential long term client! That is most important! I totally understand your difficulties in running this site. Therefore I will always respect your decision, unless it is really “unreasonable” to me, which I don’t think will ever happen. Thanks again! WP Questions has really change my life by giving me a platform to “showcase” my knowledge!

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