We will now allow job posts

Clearly, a lot of our customers think our sites should be job boards. People continually try to use it as such. This gets in the way of our previously stated desire to keep the answers to questions public.

To try to accomodate everyone’s needs, we are going to allow job posts, but we are going to try make the asker state, explicitly, whether their post is a job or a

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question. Step 2 in our form for asking a question now has this:

The asker needs to explicitly click “job” for the post to be a jobs post.

Jobs post will have a special headline and will show up in red:

What is the difference?

  • A jobs post should be a request for a price estimate for some larger project. The customer should just be looking for an estimate. At the end, the customer should give the prize money to whoever offered the winning bid.
  • A question is simply that. The answers should be public.

Any job post will automatically have a notice at top, in red, stating that the asker is simply looking for an estimate:

We will try this for a while and see if this satisfies everyone.

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2 Responses to We will now allow job posts

  1. Tomas says:

    That’s a nice addition to have here on wpquestions.com.

    Just one thing poped into my mind thinking about this new functionality. As we all know, in our profile pages we can choose if we want to get job offers from clients/headhunters. So what about showing those job offers only to those experts who have that tick on? It would help keeping questions listing clean and obvious, for those who are only interested in answering particular questions and not taking on big projects.

  2. Lawrence Krubner says:

    Tomas, I like that idea. Could you post this idea on WP Questions? I’d like to hear other people’s opinions. Go here:


    And login, and then click the link that says “Would you like to respond to this?” Post your idea there. It’ll show up on the discourse page:


    I’d like to see if others have an opinion on this.

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