Grace periods

I do not remember why, but when we started the site we offered askers a 3 week grace period to choose their winners. However, at this point, 3 weeks strikes me as excessive. There are currently 8 questions in that limbo, the 3 weeks, waiting for the askers to choose a winner.

The way it has worked in the past is that if the askers do not pick a winner in 3 weeks, then either Darren or I pick a winner, unless we feel the question was never answered, in which case we offer a refund.

However, I am now thinking that the grace period should be shortened to 1 week. Any thoughts?

For those of you starting your own sites, using our software, I hope to make this a variable that you can set to whatever you think best.

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2 Responses to Grace periods

  1. Tomas says:

    3 weeks are waaay too long time period for choosing a winner.
    Shortening this period to 1 week should be ok, imo.
    If you really care about your question, seven days are more than enough to test out given solutions and choose suitable one.

  2. Lawrence Krubner says:

    Tomas, agreed. I forget why we choose 3 weeks. I’ve now changed the code to support just 1 week. I will be pushing these changes out today.

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