Ashwin Chandrasekaran writes about WP Questions

Ashwin Chandrasekaran sums up WP Questions with this list:

How it Works?

The way it works is simple.

Very simple!

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2 Responses to Ashwin Chandrasekaran writes about WP Questions

  1. John says:

    Hey Lawrence,

    I have used the site numerous times for little things I couldn’t figure out. Absolutely love it!

    I often need similar quick help with drupal, ever thought of creating a site dedicated to drupal questions?

  2. Lawrence Krubner says:

    John, We have thought about creating a site for Drupal, but we’ve also thought about allowing you, or anyone else, to create a site for Drupal. Our focus now is to roll out this software as a service that anyone can use to start their own paid Q&A site. We actually just applied to Ycombinator hoping they would give us some money to help fund the next phase of building out this software.

    We get to 3 or 4 emails each month from people asking if we woul license our software. What we’ve decided to do is to offer it as a hosted service, sort of like BaseCamp or TypePad, with the freedom to use your own domain name and your own templates.

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