A few small changes to our sites

We’ve made 3 small adjustments to our sites:

1.) To make it easier for you to browse through the archives, we’ve put in pagination of the archives on the front page. You can now click back through the whole history of the site.

2.) Log in to read answers. The answers are still free to all, but from now on, you will need to log in.

3.) The questions that a member has asked are now grouped together on one page, as part of the member’s profile.

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2 Responses to A few small changes to our sites

  1. Jayson Brown says:

    Awesome Lawrence,

    I have a few quick suggestions as well;

    1. Update WP Questions homepage Meta tags, include term ‘wordpress support’
    2. Ability to edit our replies to questions (we all make mistakes)
    3. Ability to ask experts for large projects


  2. Lawrence Krubner says:


    Thanks much for your feedback. These are good ideas. I’ve 2 follow up replies.

    1.) As you may know, an expert can edit their main answer, though not the replies they post. This is inconsistent on our part, and we intend to make this more consistent.

    2.) About your point #3, what do you need to ask for a large project? You can already list yourself on the “Looking for work” page:


    And you can write to the individual askers and ask them for more work.

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