Is there a better way to format code?

We just got this suggestion via email:

I have a suggestion to make on the usability front. Right now, the < code > tag contents comes with a horizontal scrollbar. It’s pretty annoying to view the code that way.

How about changing it, to like the ones on wordpress blogs. By default, the overflow would be hidden and on mouseover, the code box expands to show the whole code. It’d also have options for “Quick copy” and “print”

I am curious how other people feel about how we format code?

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2 Responses to Is there a better way to format code?

  1. Dj says:

    Heyy Lawrence, thanks for considering the suggestion.. Anyway, +1 for this one 😉 Something like SyntaxHighlighter or beautyOfCode jQuery plugin would be perfect as they allow users to copy the code in plain text format.

    Also, how about adding the prize money of the question too to the email alerts? This would be of help to the Experts.

  2. Lawrence Krubner says:

    DJ, those are all good suggestions. Next time Darren and I have a free day to devote to the site, I think we will implement at least some of these ideas.

    Adding the prize money to the email notification is so obvious I’m a little amazed that we did not already think of it. Thanks.

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