A few rules of decorum for our sites

I’m responding to an exchange between one of WP Questions’s experts and one of the people asking a question. I deleted the exchange because I thought it was unconstructive. I will state here some rules that I hope everyone will remember when posting on any of our sites:

  1. You are not the moderator. Only Darren Hoyt and I are moderators. Please do not make up rules about how things should happen. If you feel something has happened that is unfair, contact us and we will make a decision.
  2. Please do not paraphrase what I’ve written. Instead, link to what I’ve written. The post Ensuring Expertise Stays Public and Visible was referred to, but it was not linked to. I feel that it was mis-characterized.
  3. If you feel someone on our sites is being unfair, you can contact them privately, or contact us and ask us to do something about it. If you talk it over with us and you feel like we have not heard your claim, you can always write it about it on your blog, or on Twitter. But do not post your complaint on WP Questions itself, or any other Codewi.se site.
  4. Above all, please try to be professional and polite in all communications. If there is an issue to be discussed, then we will discuss it, but getting angry does not help the situation.

Thank you.

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