Why are we not adding features faster?

Darren Hoyt and I have an account on Basecamp which we use to keep track of every bug and every feature request. Here are some of items on there now:

  • Build an admin interface that allows admin users to edit the top banner area, the sidebar, and the footer.
  • Feedback from member: please move the ‘Select as Winner’ button to the right. I regularly almost click it by mistake when actually wanting to click ‘Post Reply’ >
  • Feedback from member: Hey,there is one thing with your that make me crazy,in some of your emails the urls to the site is with www and in some others there is no www,and then when i’m login to your site with the www,the site log me out of the site without www and the opposite,and i find myself in situation that i login to your site everytime i get mail i realy think you should fix this,or redirect the user when surfing without www to the site with www
  • Feedback from member: I’ve been really digging on the sites, and having a lot of fun answering > questions for people! After playing with the messaging a bit today, there > were a few things I was thinking about. First, I noticed that there’s a > couple of spaces between the opening and closing tags of the textarea on the > contact a user page, which ends up showing up in the textarea itself. Second, it’d be really convenient if there was a checkbox to send a copy of > the message to yourself, so you can keep track of the message thread.
  • Use Payoneer for payments: https://myaccount.payoneer.com/Login/Login.aspx
  • Implement rpx so that users can have 1 login for all Codewi.se sites. http://www.janrain.com/products/rpx_buy
  • Feedback from member: Many thanks for wpquestions as well as other websites comming out! I have a suggestion in case of affiliate link, I worked a bit in affiliate business and I’d strongly suggest to do a url redirect when affiliate link is being entered. when end user sees this kind of affiliate tag it kinda makes it but less trustworthy – user often thinks this is just some sort of a referral game and sometimes even instantly quits. I’d be more comfortable myself to refer people if something like this can be done.
  • Feedback from member: on site all attachments called images (at the last one this is archive) —
  • Feedback from member: also take look at last question url provided above. you can check timestamp of mine answer . its was added after the person give me prize. so can you not close the answer box after the question.

Personally, I would love to work on Codewi.se full time, but I am unable to for economic reason. We do not make much money from the site. We get less than 10% of the total, so when you see that WP Questions has paid out almost $6,000 to experts, realize that for us that is less than $600, for 8 months of hard work. So I keep myself busy with other jobs.

However, we continue to work on Codewi.se, and eventually we will implement all of the above suggestions. Thank you very much for all the feedback you have sent us so far, and please keep sending it!

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