Chris Clarke helps to keep running

For a while now I’ve been meaning to post something about Chris Clarke. All of the websites of sit on a server run by Chris. Many times he has helped me out when I’m troubleshooting some odd issue involving Apache, or MySql, or some DNS issue, or the odd bug that seems to fall in between Apache and PHP. I’ve been doing web development for over 10 years now, and, without a doubt, Chris is the best Linux system administrator that I know. Configuring a server, and getting network settings correct, are a specialty of his. When I need advice about tweaking Apache or MySql, I give Chris a call.

Since early 2007 he has developed his own PHP framework, which I had a chance to work with. I found its architecture to be as clean as that of Symfony – a solid MVC design. He used Smarty for the template system, which had the advantage of being a well known system (unlike, say, Twig in Symfony). The system is robust.

Chris brings an important realism to whatever project he works on. More than anyone else that I know, he gives precise, realistic estimates to his clients. Chris’s honesty is exactly what every business needs, both when things are going well, and when things are not going well. He is articulate in explaining why a given level of resources will be needed to complete a project successfully. I’ve seen a number of clients balk at Chris’s feedback, but I’ve never seen Chris pull his punches – he will tell a client what they need to hear, rather

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than what they want to hear. If a client is wise, then this is exactly what they should want from anyone they hire.

Chris’s consulting company is Fuscata, and if you need a Linux sysadmin or a PHP programmer, I suggest you give Chris a call.

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