Bug fix: handling international characters

Ünsal Korkmaz posted a question about handling Turkish characters. His Turkish characters ( şŞ İı Ğğ Üü Öö çÇ ) did not show up on our site. This was my fault. When I set up the database I unthinkingly accepted the default character set and collation (latin1_swedish_ci) of the server. A better character set, allowing a wider range of characters, is UTF8, so I wrote a script to change the text fields in the database to accept UTF8 characters. So our site should now accept a wider range of characters, from a wider variety

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of alphabets.

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4 Responses to Bug fix: handling international characters

  1. Good to hear 🙂
    Still that problem is really annoying for me btw. Russian characters can use in permalink.. but Turkish characters not ( şŞ İı Ğğ Üü Öö çÇ )

  2. lawrence says:

    Thanks, Unsal. I am sorry that WordPress has such a persistent bug. It sounds like they feel powerless to fix it, since they feel it would break backwards compatibility. I think they should offer it as an option. I can’t imagine why they should only have one function for rendering post slugs.

  3. I opened an idea page for it.
    If you think this is something need to change, plz support it. Thanks

  4. lawrence says:

    Unsal, thanks. I posted a comment on that page, expressing my thoughts on the subject.

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