Are you a plugin or theme developer? Then sign up.

To be good citizens of the open source communities we belong to, we offer to donate 25% of our profits to developers whenever we get questions marked with the custom tags related to their projects (plugins, themes, software). We previously asked developers what they would like to see in a partnership program. We got some good feedback from Michael Fields, Scribu, Ronald Huereca and Scott Kingsley Clark.

The first thing we need to do is to allow developers to register their plugin or theme on our site. Ronald Huereca and Scott Kingsley Clark have already done so. If you have a plugin or theme, then you should register too. Where the form asks you to type in keywords, it is normally enough to simply type in the name of your software.

Next month we will make it possible for developers (you) to send people to a reserved space on our site, where the person with the question can choose to either wait for you to respond, or offer their question to the whole WP Questions community.

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