Traffic to our site keeps increasing

I’m looking in Google Analytics. Always a treasure trove of information, some of it surprising.

Traffic this month is up 58% over last month.

Our most popular page is our front page. This does not surprise me. What does surprise me is that our “About” page is the second most popular page. On most sites, I think the “About” page never gets read. On our site, it is important. People are trying to figure out what we are about.

The 3rd most popular page is the page that lists our experts, and how much they’ve earned.

This is especially interesting:

Avg. Time on Site: 00:09:19

That’s up 178%, a huge increase over last month. I assume that is partly because we opened up our archives, and partly because we’ve had more questions. (Our current plans for our archives is to keep resolved questions up for 30 days, then hide them. We will eventually sell access to the full archives.)

Our top 3 sources of traffic:

  1. (direct) 36.28%
  2. google 10.12%
  3. 9.28%

Referring sites send us 53% of our traffic. More than 225 sites have sent us some traffic (Google Analytics counts 233 sites, but some of those are our own, such as TeamLaLaLa or Some are Twitter-partners, I think, One thing Google doesn’t do is consolidate the whole Twitter universe into one metric. For instance, we got links from here:

It would be interesting to know what percentage of our traffic comes from the combination of Twitter plus all of the 3rd party Twitter sites. Does anyone know how to calculate that? Is there a convenient list of all 3rd party Twitter sites, somewhere?

All in all, we are happy with the trends.

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If traffic increases 58% every month, we will be very pleased with where we will be by the summer.

We will also be launching some new sites next week, which I assume will lead to a pick up for all of our sites.

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