Some bug fixes

There was a bug in our code that occasionally miscalculated what an expert’s cash balance was. That is, if they’d earned $100 and withdrawn $75, then their cash balance should have been $25. Sometimes it was $0. During the last month, on 4 separate occasions, I had to log into the database and fix people’s cash balances by hand, resetting the balance to the correct amount.

I finally tracked the bug down, to a line of code that I’d put in to prevent hackers from being able to hack their own account info (I didn’t want anyone to have the power to assign thousands of dollars to themselves). The code, as I’d written it, was a bit overzealous.

I’m fairly sure this bug is now fixed. I appreciate the patience everyone showed regarding the problem.

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2 Responses to Some bug fixes

  1. Ali Hussain says:

    I still have some problems. See screenshot

    P.S. I have not withdrawn any cash

  2. lawrence says:

    Thanks, Ali. Fixed now. I didn’t adjust existing balances but if they are wrong they will all auto-correct the next time anything happens – when money is earned or money is withdrawn.

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