Is this site slow?

One of our regular users just wrote to us and complained that the site has been coming up slowly for him. I’m curious if anyone else is having problems?

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7 Responses to Is this site slow?

  1. Japh says:

    I personally haven’t noticed it being particularly slow (and I’ve been accessing it fairly regularly over the last few days ;))

  2. I have not experienced any slowness either.

  3. lawrence says:

    Just got this note:

    “Just noticed one thing – if I use the scripts are properly cached, and loads pretty fast. is slow, no matter what.”

    Anyone notice a difference between the speed of the 2 URLs?

  4. Ali Hussain says:


    This is quite true when we look for it. loading time takes more for

  5. lawrence says:

    Ali, thanks. I don’t notice on my end, but I’ll keep testing. We may eventually hire a testing service, to check our network connections.

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